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Content is King, or Queen Depending on Who's Boss

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

This illustration began with the buildings and the bay, that's it. Everything els was cut out from other images and added as separate graphics.

When originally planning out what kinds of features SKRYBE would have, we thought simply uploading pictures into a album template would do the trick.

As we continued down the rabbit hole of app design, we began to envision SKRYBE not just as a drag and drop photo album app, but a completely customizable photo album and illustration app.

Boy, were we in for a design and coding lesson as we decided not use any third party design tools, but to code everything ourselves, from the ground up. This way SKRYBE's code would be under our control, and not subject to whims of a third party company located somewhere in Europe. With exception of Adobe's photo editing tools, ( Adobe's photo editing tools are very good and simple to use, ) every feature in SKRYBE is proprietary code designed by our team.

We hope to warp up the content creation feature sets coding soon allowing our team to move to the more fun aspect of SKRYBE's design. Community sharing and album collaborating.


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